Allied Credit Consultants

November 19, 2016

Allied Credit Consultants is an Orlando based Florida debt collector with an office located at: 4700 Millenia Blvd., Suite #175, Orlando, FL 32839.

In a lawsuit filed in United States District Court in Orlando, the consumer alleged that during February of 2016, he received 3 telephone calls from Allied Credit Consultants and the originating telephone number was 888-855-7131. The first caller to the consumer from Allied Credit Consultants identified himself as “Scott Stevens,” Account Director from Allied Credit Consultants and paralegal. In a second call, the caller identified himself as “Michael Bennett” from “offices of Roth Morgan and Associates, and that his delinquent account had been “assigned to legal recovery.” Angel Rivera, an employee of Allied Credit Consultants used the pseudonym “Michael Bennett” in calling the consumer. Another caller used the pseudonym “Scot Stevens” in calling the consumer.  In the telephone calls:

a.  Allied Credit Consultants told Plaintiff that if he did not set up a payment plan that they would be sending my information out to some kind of credit bureau that would intercept money out of any bank account he had; and

b.  Allied Credit Consultants told Plaintiff that they would garnish his wages from his work and out of his paycheck.

c.  Allied Credit Consultants communicated with a Plaintiff by telephone in a manner that gave the false impression and appearance that they were associated with an attorney. All of these acts, if proven, constitute violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Are you being harassed by Allied Credit Consultants?